The distinguished location of the hospital

The hospital distinguished location which is connected with all Alexandria entrance from the agricultural and the desert road and also minutes away from the center of Alexandria

Cooperation Protocol with Dar Al Fouad Hospital

A high level technical and administrative protocol has been signed with Dar Al Fouad Hospital (one of the biggest chains in Egypt) that includes the exchange of technical and administrative expertise in all domains related to providing medical service at the highest of quality

The Unique design view of Elite Hospital

- One of the largest hospitals in Egypt, which helps in providing all supportive medical services

- The first hospital in Egypt to operate with the integrated medical centers of excellence system, as it includes 10 medical centers

- A separate building for utilities

- Spaces, corridor width, and circulation is consistent with international standards and JCI requirements

- A distinct reception interface, designed to transmit positive energy and comfort for visitors and workers

- Premium residence rooms designed to provide psychological comfort and calm

- Parking area for more than 150 cars

Specialized medical centers

This mission was achieved by providing 10 specialized medical centers

1. Cardiology, vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery Center

2. Obesity, Diabetes and Endocrine surgery Center

4. Urology & Renal transplant Center

3. Neurology and Neurosurgery Center

8. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

7. Women's Health and aesthetic Center

5. Nephrology and Renal Dialysis center

6. Orthopedic Surgery Center

10. E.N.T & Audiology Center

9. GIT Endoscopy & Hepatology Center

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